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On pricing things like restaurant menus

A couple weeks ago, I learned that Canada will be doing away with the penny. Well good riddance.  Those things were heavy anyway. Naturally, a change in currency made me think about the potential impact on prices, and equally naturally, … Continue reading

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On discounting and shaping consumer behaviour

To me, Banana Republic was a upper-mid range clothing store.  It’s no Alexander McQueen but it wasn’t Ross either. Then Banana Republic started sending me 40-50% off email coupons.  About weekly. And now I just can’t conceive of buying Banana … Continue reading

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On amusement parks and seasonality

Not too long ago, I found myself in an indoor waterpark in the middle of America in the middle of winter. Now I don’t find myself in said location all too often, so when I do,  I tell myself to … Continue reading

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