Jambo! 🙂  I’m a relocated Canadian who is, for the time being, hanging out in geek-Canada’s 2nd home — San Francisco.

Why am I here? (blogging, that is)
Once upon a time, I had a fear of making phone calls.  My fear was pretty extreme, to the point I’d beg friends and my mom to make phone calls on my behalf (classy!), walk to get the information I needed (time consuming) – and basically doing everything humanly possible to avoid making any calls at all.

As it was a time before texting and smart phones, the fear became rather inconvenient.

One day, I decided to get over it.

I walked into an election campaign office and volunteered myself to be a phone canvasser.  It scared the #%*)$# out of me — but it worked.

Now I’m about to admit another fear.  One I haven’t yet conquered.

Putting my thoughts and opinions out there and being open to being judged freaks me right out.

So I’m challenging myself again.  This blog is my way of doing so.

And with that, here goes! 🙂


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