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On the concept of loss aversion

Losing something sucks ass. In fact it sucks more than if you never had it to begin with.  It’s the concept of loss aversion.  Studies show you feel twice as much pain from loss than you do pleasure from  a … Continue reading

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On signalling (for something like dating)

So I just learned that my ex started seeing someone shortly after we broke up. My feelings about this aside, it got me thinking about the game of dating.  And that’s because dating is very much about selling a product … Continue reading

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On something as vague as distribution

There’s really a lot to write on distribution. I’ve decided to focus on vending machines automatic retailing first. A few years ago, I saw vending machines selling iPods in the airport.  I was so surprised I wrote about it.   … Continue reading

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On satisfying my curiousity on things like startup founders

I’m hoping you’ll help me satisfy a curiosity. Technically, I’ve got partial answers as a friend already posted this question on his Facebook wall last week, but now I’d like a bit more data as the preliminary results are intriguing. … Continue reading

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On holidays like Valentines and other times for commercialism

Valentine’s Day. It’s one of the more commercial holidays of the year. Now I suppose I could be as romantically inclined as the next person, but given that I’m already buying chocolates all year round and flowers almost as often, … Continue reading

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On amusement parks and seasonality

Not too long ago, I found myself in an indoor waterpark in the middle of America in the middle of winter. Now I don’t find myself in said location all too often, so when I do,  I tell myself to … Continue reading

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On music and your tastebuds as it relates to wine

While it’s been known that music can influence your mood, did you know that music can also influence how a wine tastes to you? Yep, the right music  makes your wine taste better.  Up to 60% better, according to a … Continue reading

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Superbowl Musings: Does Icing the Kicker Work?

Super Bowl XLVI. Chances are, a last minute field goal will decide the game. Of the 45 past Super Bowls, six (13%) have been decided by three points or less. Four of those games have come down to a field goal … Continue reading

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