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On why we feel like there are so many coincidences

This past Wednesday, I met a homeless fellow who’d just gotten out of jail and wants to stay out. The next morning, there it was.  A front page New York Times article talking about a program that’s reduced ex-inmate recidivism … Continue reading

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On procrastination

I’ve been procrastinating. This of course explains why my posting frequency has been so light.  I told myself I wasn’t posting till I finished something else first, the end result being neither thing got done for well — kind of … Continue reading

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On branding a commodity

I’ve been eating a lot of Cuties. Yep that’s right.  Some orange coalition out there successfully persuaded me to seek out a sack of clementines by brand name. How on earth did that happen?  They’re frickin’ clementines!  A nice feat indeed. … Continue reading

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On chewing gum and impulse purchases

I will fess up. I’m  a gum addict and I buy gum in Costco case lot sizes. But for most normal people, I suspect gum is a pretty impulse purchase. Have you ever noticed how grocery or drugstores are laid … Continue reading

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