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On procrastination

I’ve been procrastinating. This of course explains why my posting frequency has been so light.  I told myself I wasn’t posting till I finished something else first, the end result being neither thing got done for well — kind of … Continue reading

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On the concept of loss aversion

Losing something sucks ass. In fact it sucks more than if you never had it to begin with.  It’s the concept of loss aversion.  Studies show you feel twice as much pain from loss than you do pleasure from  a … Continue reading

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On signalling (for something like dating)

So I just learned that my ex started seeing someone shortly after we broke up. My feelings about this aside, it got me thinking about the game of dating.  And that’s because dating is very much about selling a product … Continue reading

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On just making it happen

Ok, so I’ve done my fair share of failing. 🙂 In fact, you could argue I’m in the midst of working through a few of them right now, both business and personal. Oftentimes you won’t have the right answer to … Continue reading

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