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On discounting and shaping consumer behaviour

To me, Banana Republic was a upper-mid range clothing store.  It’s no Alexander McQueen but it wasn’t Ross either. Then Banana Republic started sending me 40-50% off email coupons.  About weekly. And now I just can’t conceive of buying Banana … Continue reading

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On branding a commodity

I’ve been eating a lot of Cuties. Yep that’s right.  Some orange coalition out there successfully persuaded me to seek out a sack of clementines by brand name. How on earth did that happen?  They’re frickin’ clementines!  A nice feat indeed. … Continue reading

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On signalling (for something like dating)

So I just learned that my ex started seeing someone shortly after we broke up. My feelings about this aside, it got me thinking about the game of dating.  And that’s because dating is very much about selling a product … Continue reading

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